Pre-Tenancy Cleaning: Who Needs The Service And What To Expect?

Pre-Tenancy Cleaning: Who Needs The Service And What To Expect? 1

No one will appreciate moving into an apartment littered with dirt and dust; after all, moving into a new home is like reaching a new stage in life. Hence, the pre-tenancy cleaning of an apartment can be quite useful to meet the expectation of a new life journey. Like the Check-out cleaning, this kind of cleaning involves the dusting and sanitization of every nook and cranny of an apartment. It is particularly useful for an apartment where professionals have done an end of tenancy cleaning.

Mostly, as a new tenant, you have to carry out pre-tenancy cleaning to make sure that all the rooms, corners, and materials within the house are free of litters, dirt, and dust.

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Should in case you are wondering if pre-tenancy cleaning is meant for you; well, maybe yes, maybe no. However, to save you from doubt, you definitely need a pre-tenancy cleaning service if you belong into any of the following categories.

  • If you want to begin a new life in a sanitized home.
  • If you are a tenant that would like to move into a mark-free and spotless apartment.
  • If you are a landlord that want your home to be in a perfect condition before you take in a new tenant.
  • A company that would like to lease out a property in the best state.

Now that you can determine whether you need pre-tenancy cleaning service or not; let’s shed some light on what pre-tenancy cleaning entails.

How much pre-tenancy service will cost?

First, most people would want to know how much pre-tenancy service will cost them. Well, just like the post tenancy cleaning, this service begins from a cost of £95 for a single studio or flat. And once you book this service, you should expect a thorough cleaning and sanitization of the rooms, the kitchens, vacuuming of the rugs and carpets as well as the mattresses. Also, furniture such as cupboards and doors will be cleaned and washed appropriately. A good pre-tenancy cleaning must be able to offer a 48-hour re-clean guarantee.

Pre-Cleaning Tenancy: Method of Operation

A professional brand that offers pre-cleaning service should have an experienced team of staffs with sophisticated equipment, and washing solution meant for specific uses. Pre-tenancy functions are carried out to fulfil all the requirements necessary to meet the standard of a clean home. The primary aim of the service should be focused on making the house clean and sanitized correctly; even to the smallest of materials such as door handles, appliances, cabinets, ceiling, and so on. 

Pre-tenancy cleaning should not miss any part of the property.

The service must touch freezer, dishwasher, tops of cupboards and ensure that the house feels sterilized once they are done before the new tenant will move in. Also, pre-tenancy cleaning team must sweep every necessary corner, hoover the carpets, clean every gadget, including the skirting boards. A bathroom is a place that can hide dirt; hence, it should be carefully checked, washed and rinse to remove any unwanted hair or dust. And again, the kitchen surfaces must be wholly sanitized and free of any dirt.

Once you get a professional pre-tenancy cleaner to do the job, you can be sure to move into a sanitized home you have always wanted.

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