Order Pamela's Carpet Cleaning in Twickenham

Do your rugs look worn off and covered in dust? Choose the efficient carpet cleaning in Twickenham. We rejuvenate rugs in time for the landlord inspection and remove any grime, stains, allergens and splatters. Call Pamela’s End Of Tenancy Cleaning today on 020 3404 5860 and get your own free price estimate for a session with certified professionals.

Why Book Pamela’s Carpet Cleaners Twickenham?

  • Wide variety of carpets: we clean everything from plush, cotton and linen to Hessian, Persian and Oriental;
  • Additional protection option: you can also opt for our additional Scotchgard protection coating, which will prevent spills from staining your rugs;
  • Remove unpleasant odours: air fresheners can only do so much—we address the root of the problem, removing the much and dirt which emit unpleasant smells;
  • Anti-bacterial effect: our hot-water extraction method kills off dangerous bacteria that live in your rug;

What Methods We Use For Carpet Cleaning in Twickenham

Upon arrival, the carpet cleaner will determine which method is more suitable for your rug by inspecting it. They will also pre-treat any stubborn stains and high-traffic areas.

Hot Water Extraction

Also known as steam cleaning, is suitable for most fabrics. Using a powerful machine, we inject a mix of detergent and heated water into your carpet, and extract it immediately. Up to 95% of the moisture, along with the dirt, much and stains, is removed on the spot. The rest 5% take up to 3 hours to dry up, although the process can be sped up upon request. This method is suitable for:

  • Hessian;
  • Plush;
  • Linen;
  • Cotton;
  • Wool (under lower temperatures).

Dry Powder Cleaning

Used for more delicate materials. Using a special equipment, a cleaning powder is scrubbed in the fabric of your carpets. Тhere, it loosens the muck, dust, stains and rit, and then is vacuumed, leaving the rug clean. This method is suitable for moisture-sensitive materials, synthetics, and carpets with delicate patterns:

  • Viscose;
  • Sisal;
  • Seagrass;
  • Silk;
  • Persian;
  • Oriental;
  • Other moisture-sensitive materials.

Contact Pamela’s End of Tenancy Cleaning for Rug Cleaning Twickenham TW

Dial 020 3404 5860 and our friendly phone operators will guide you through booking your appointment. You’ll get all your questions answered and will receive a free estimate. You can also make it fast, by filling in your details in the online booking form, or starting a chat on the website.